Immuno-assay development


Venture-backed, preclinical stage immuno-oncology company


Company in-licensed a portfolio of novel monoclonal antibodies but had limited knowledge on the signaling pathway modulated by the antibodies and had no internal expertise in designing in vitro assays to select for efficacy. The company needed to evaluate the antibody portfolio for efficacy in a new in vitro assay to select a smaller cohort of lead antibodies.


We conducted scientific diligence to investigate the mechanism of action of  novel antibodies and identify best downstream biomarkers. We then developed protocols for in vitro assays to test efficacy and select a smaller cohort of lead antibodies. We also identified vendors and project managed execution of efficacy experiments. Finally, we informed the next round of critical experiments towards selecting the lead clinical candidate.


Scientifically and strategically driven product development to accelerate lead candidate selection.

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