Animal studies in oncology


Academic spinout developing novel drugs for oncology.


Given the early stage of the company, client was mostly funded through grants and had a limited budget for R&D. Their recent grant was awarded for two animal studies, but with the proposed experimental protocols and their own CRO reach-out, the client was getting quotes three times greater than what the grant would cover.


Radyus team worked to first modify these two experimental protocols in such a way that the scope of work was reduced, but the critical data to be collected was preserved. We modified the number of animals, the number of test samples and the dosing schedule.  Then, we reached out to our preferred subcontracting labs for quotes. We have over 2,000 specialty labs in our proprietary database and can do a custom RFP for each project. We identified a lab that could execute both studies under the modified protocols.  We also negotiated  a volume-based discount, enabling us to fit the client’s budget.


Radyus was able to work creatively with the client ona limited budget and execute both animal studies.

Radyus Related Services:

+ Experimental protocol development

+ Budget-conscious planning

+ Vendor reach-out and management

+ Project management